June 20, 2015 by Nitesh

How To Keep IIS Express Running After Debugging is Stopped in Visual Studio 2012

Friends, In Visual Studio 2012 whenever you debug a web application and open the application in Chrome/Firefox, the application used to run even after you have stopped debugging. This means, you can stop debugging, edit some piece of code, rebuild and just refresh the page in browser to test things. However, in Visual Studio 2013…

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June 10, 2015 by Nitesh

Solution: The URL for Web project ‘X’ is configured to use IIS as the web server but the URL is currently configured on the IIS Express web server

Friends, While working on a web project, I started getting this error while loading the project in VS2012 this morning. I did a Bing search on the problem and came across the following solutions. Different solutions work for different users so I am listing down all at a single point. Below is the list of…

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April 29, 2015 by Nitesh

How To Disable File Preview in Visual Studio 2012

Friends, In visual Studio 2012, Microsoft released a very handy feature of auto previewing a file as soon as you select the file in Solution Explorer. However, this feature may become annoying at some scenarios. In this post, we will see few ways of disabling the same. Option 1: Go to Tools > Options >…

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December 16, 2013 by Nitesh

How to Setup your PC to start using Xamarin

Friends, Mobile Market has grown at a rapid speed in past few years and with the advent of big players like Apple, Google and Microsoft with their different OS, we have been hooked to use smartphones more than PC these days. As the use of smartphones has increased, so has increased the use of apps…

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