February 14, 2013 by Nitesh

HTML Equivalent of Special Characters

Hello Firends,

A post after long time.  While working with non-English sites (Spanish, French, Slovak etc..), we often need to handle special characters. There are hundreds and hundreds of special characters available to use. This post lists down the commonly used special characters relevant mostly to Spanish sites and their equivalent HTML codes.

Character HTML Codes
ç  ç
Ç  Ç
ñ  ñ
Ñ  Ñ
á  á
Á  Á
À  À
é  é
É  É
È  È
è  è
í  í
Í  Í
Ï  Ï
ï  ï
ó  ó
Ó  Ó
ò  ò
Ò  Ò
ú  ú
Ú  Ú
Ü  Ü
ü  ü
¡  ¡
¿  ¿
Ö  Ö

Hope you find this list useful.


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