May 8, 2014 by Nitesh

How To Convert a Future Date Time to “X minutes from now” in C#


In my previous post, we saw how can we convert a Date Time value to “X Minutes Ago” feature using C#. A user interestingly asked me for a function that can do something similar but for future dates. Today, in this post we will see how we can achieve similar functionality for a future date in C#. In this post we will write a C# function that will take a DateTime as parameter and return relevant time remaining in future. This can be a good idea for displaying a list of events/sessions on a webpage.

The function to convert DateTime to a “Time From Now” string is as below –

        public static string TimeFromNow(DateTime dt)
            if (dt < DateTime.Now) return "about sometime ago"; TimeSpan span = dt - DateTime.Now; if (span.Days > 365)
                int years = (span.Days / 365);                
                return String.Format("about {0} {1} from now", years, years == 1 ? "year" : "years");

            if (span.Days > 30)
                int months = (span.Days / 30);
                return String.Format("about {0} {1} from now", months, months == 1 ? "month" : "months");

            if (span.Days > 0)
                return String.Format("about {0} {1} from now", span.Days, span.Days == 1 ? "day" : "days");

            if (span.Hours > 0)
                return String.Format("about {0} {1} from now", span.Hours, span.Hours == 1 ? "hour" : "hours");

            if (span.Minutes > 0)
                return String.Format("about {0} {1} from now", span.Minutes, span.Minutes == 1 ? "minute" : "minutes");

            if (span.Seconds > 5)
                return String.Format("about {0} seconds from now", span.Seconds);

            if (span.Seconds == 0)
                return "just now";

            return string.Empty;

You can call the function something like below-


The output looks something like below –


Hope this post helps you. Keep learning and sharing!


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